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Year: LIX.
Zagreb, 31 January 2023

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Provisional Data


Data on the actual production of cereals and other crops in 2022 are published according to provisional data.

Increased production of sunflowers

It is estimated that the production of sunflowers increased by 24.2%, as compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the estimated production of wheat also increased, by 0.8%, of barley by 4.2% and of lucerne by 2.8%, as compared to the production realised in the previous year.

Decreased production of grain maize

It is estimated that the production of grain maize decreased by 26.1%, of sugar beets by 25.9%, of rapeseed by 19.2%, of oats by 18.6%, of potatoes by 16.4%, of soya beans by 14.0% and of silage maize by 11.5%, as compared to the production realised in the previous year.


   Actual production Indices of actual production
Area, ’000 ha Yield per hectare, t Total, ‘000 t Area, ’000 ha Yield per hectare, t Total, ‘000 t
20211) 2022
Wheat – total2) 144 6,7 962 161 6,0 970 100,8
Barley3) 56 5,4 306 63 5,0 319 104,2
Oats 17 3,4 59 16 3,0 48 81,4
Maize, total4) 288 7,8 2 242 271 6,1 1 656 73,9
Potatoes (early, late and seed potatoes) 9 14,5 128 8 14,1 107 83,6
Rapeseed 30 2,4 73 23 2,6 59 80,8
Soya-beans5) 86 2,6 228 92 2,1 196 86,0
Sunflowers 41 3,0 124 51 3,0 154 124,2
Sugar beets 10 70,2 707 9 58,2 524 74,1
Lucerne, hay 28 6,4 180 27 6,8 185 102,8
Silage maize6) 25 34,7 873 29 26,7 773 88,5

1) Final data.
2) Soft and hard wheat (winter, spring and seed).
3) Winter barley and spring barley.
4) Including mercantile and seed maize.
5) Including mercantile, seed soya and soya-beans for fodder.
6) Including main and subsequent crop of silage maize.


The Croatian Bureau of Statistics conducted surveys on crops statistics on the basis of the Official Statistics Act (NN, No. 25/20), the Regulation (EC) No. 543/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 concerning crop statistics and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 1557/2015 of 13 July 2015 amending Regulation (EC) No. 543/2009 concerning crop statistics of 18 June 2009.

Sources and methods of data collection

The data on harvested areas and production of crops are collected through the Report on Annual Survey on Crop and Livestock Production (PO-71 form). Data on harvested areas of crops are presented in hectares, while total yield and yield per hectare are presented in tonnes.

These data are collected separately for legal entities and parts thereof, and for private family farms. Data on business entities are collected in two ways: by using the reporting method on an appropriate form or via a web-based application.

Data for private family farms have been collected by using the interview method applied to a selected sample. The sample for private family farms was selected from the Statistical Register of Agricultural Holdings.

The sample size was conditioned by the financial means allocated from the 2022 State Budget of the Republic of Croatia and the share of private family farms by statistical regions. The sample consisted of about 22 000 private family farms.

All expanded data were compared to data from previous years and available administrative sources (databases and registers of the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development and other relevant sources). On the basis of all available data, corrections were done if necessary.

Coverage and comparability

Reporting units are business entities and parts thereof defined in section A Agriculture, forestry and fishing according to the NKD 2007. as well as other business entities and parts thereof engaged in agricultural production but classified in other activities.

Reporting units are also private family farms engaged in agricultural production.


Harvested areas are areas on which crops and yields have been harvested.

Actual production is a production obtained after the harvest by deduction of all losses before the harvest and during the transport and combine-harvesting etc.

Since the moisture of cereals may vary due to different weather conditions, the actual yield is presented as yield of an average moisture, that is, the yield of grains with 13% of moisture, except for grain maize, which is presented as containing 14% of moisture.


EC European Community
EU European Union
ha hectare
NKD 2007. National Classification of Activities, 2007 version
NN Narodne novine, official gazette of the Republic of Croatia
t tonne
‘000 thousand


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