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Year: LIX.
Zagreb, 16 September 2022

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In 2021, as compared to 2020, the total production of milk at private family farms decreased by 15.9%, that is, by about 69 000 tonnes. At the same time, the quantity of milk that the farms delivered to dairies decreased by 15.0%, that is, by about 39 000 tonnes.

The decrease in the production of milk also influenced the direct sales of milk, which decreased by 4.3%. The usage of fresh milk in households decreased by 12.9%, while the total quantity of milk used for feedingstuffs decreased by 24.5%. The quantity of milk processed at farms into dairy products decreased by 16.4% compared to the previous year.

As regards dairy products, the total production of fresh cheese decreased by 13.4%, while the production of other types of cheese decreased at the same time by 11.2%. The production of cream decreased by 21.2% and the production of butter by 9.1%, while the production of other products decreased by 16.6%.


       Quantities, t Indices
2020 2021
Availability and usage      
Total milk production (cows’, ewes’ and goats’) 432 007 363 505 84.1
Delivered to dairies 260 693 221 706 85.0
Home consumption  35 586 30 994 87.1
Direct sales  22 809 21 822 95.7
Feedingstuffs 63 604 48 051 75.5
Home processing (cream, butter and fresh cheese) 46 832 39 147 83.6
Differences and losses 2 483 1 785 71.9
Products obtained      
Cream 1 084 854 78.8
Butter 33 30 90.9
Fresh cheese 2 931 2 537 86.6
Other cheese 1 264 1 123 88.8
Other products (yoghurt, acidified milk etc.) 380 317 83.4

1) See Notes on Methodology.


Sources and methods of data collection

The methodology for carrying out the survey on milk and dairy products is based on the Methodological Basis for Gathering Data on Milk and Dairy Products Statistics (NN, No. 42/13).

The data on the annual milk production at private family farms are collected as a part of the regular annual survey on the number of livestock and livestock production, which is done by using the sampling method.

The sample for the Annual Report on Livestock Production of 1 December 2020 has been selected on the basis of the Statistical Register of Agricultural Holdings and numbers about 7 000 units.

The expanded data have been compared to the data from previous years and to available administrative sources (Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food ‒ Central Laboratory for Milk Quality Control). On the basis of all available data, corrections have been implemented as needed.

Coverage and comparability

The reporting units for the Annual Report on Livestock Production on Agricultural Farms are private family farms engaged in the breeding of livestock and poultry.

The total quantity of milk delivered to dairies (the Central Laboratory for Milk Control data published in the First Release 1.1.25. Production of Milk and Dairy Products, 2020) exceeds the figure issued in this First Release due to the fact that it includes only private family farms.


Aggregate data for which there are reasons for confidentiality (small number of units, the dominance rule or secondary confidentiality rule) are treated as confidential in accordance with the Official Statistics Act (NN, No. 25/20) and the Ordinance on the Statistical Data Protection Method of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, and therefore are not published.


Total milk production includes cows’, ewes’ and goats’ milk obtained by milking. Quantities of available milk and its usage are expressed in tonnes. The conversion coefficient for milk is 1.03 (1 l = 1.03 kg).

Milk delivered to dairies includes deliveries of all types of milk (cows’, ewes’ and goats’).

Home consumption includes whole milk consumed by a holder’s household (for human consumption only).

Direct sales include the sale at an agricultural farm or a market as well as giving whole milk for human consumption directly to final consumers.

Milk for feedingstuffs includes whole milk used on a farm for animal feedingstuffs (either milk itself or as a compound of other animal feedingstuffs).

Differences and losses item refers to the statistical difference and the quantities of milk lost during manufacturing.

Products obtained include cream, butter, cheese and other products obtained by milk processing on farms. Quantities are expressed as net amounts in tonnes.


kg kilogram
l litre
NN Narodne novine, official gazette of the Republic of Croatia
t tonne


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