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Year: LVIII.
Zagreb, 27 September 2021

ISSN 1334-0557

AIR EMISSIONS ACCOUNTS, 2019 – Provisional Data

The emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants are presented for the period from 2015 to 2019 for the Republic of Croatia.

A slight increase was recorded in total greenhouse gas emissions into the air in 2019 compared to 2018. Most air pollutants recorded a slight decrease in 2019 compared to 2018, except for NOX and NMVOC, which recorded a slight increase.

In 2019, the highest greenhouse gas emissions were CO2 emissions (excluding biomass emissions as fuel), 17 778.84 thousand t (Gg), CH4, 142 285.10 t (Mg), and HFC, 552 601.90 t (Mg) in CO2 equivalent. Out of all pollutants in 2019, CO recorded the highest emissions, 216 460.58 t (Mg).

Air emission fluctuations stem from the inclusion of new data sources and more detailed data for the existing budgets, resulting in better accuracy of calculations.

Final data will be available in the database on 23 December 2021.


     2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
CO2 (without emissions from biomass used as fuel), 1000 t (Gg) 17.817,23 18.083,06 18.718,06 17.698,22 17.778,84
Biomass CO2, 1 000 t (Gg) 6.006,75 5.970,35 5.906,57 6.057,52 6.228,14
N2O, t (Mg) 6.100,91 5.300,07 5.753,70 5.609,92 5.741,87
CH4, t (Mg) 149.510,50 151.852,65 150.314,86 144.549,30 142.285,10
HFC, t (Mg) CO2 equivalents 533.636,13 534.733,60 541.272,39 547.015,69 552.601,90
PFC, t (Mg) CO2 equivalents 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00
SF6 NF3, t (Mg) CO2 equivalents 5.215,82 6.391,16 5.750,13 5.563,19 5.376,25
NOX, t (Mg) NO2 equivalents 58.437,82 57.650,88 58.038,98 53.925,63 53.926,87
SOX, t (Mg)  15.782,59 14.818,12 12.667,01 10.151,82 8.154,59
NH3, t (Mg)  37.527,71 35.704,97 38.824,42 38.825,78 36.761,64
NMHOS, t (Mg)  71.279,06 72.977,56 70.213,74 71.080,91 75.220,39
CO, t (Mg)  266.221,77 256.997,01 251.331,40 230.754,45 216.460,58
PM10, t (Mg)  43.991,72 42.695,42 41.470,48 41.168,54 40.829,34
PM2,5, t (Mg)  32.901,63 31.602,17 30.431,00 29.279,39 28.600,89

1) New, updated national and international emission factors, according to the recommended methodology for the calculation of emissions, are used each year for calculation, which makes the data incomparable with the data from the First Release No. 6. 1. 5./2020.


Source and methods of data collection

The data source for air emission accounts is the data compilation of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The air emission accounts are one of the several physical modules of Eurostat’s programme of environmental economic accounts. They are covered by the Regulation (EU) No 691/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2011 on European environmental economic accounts.

Air emission accounts collect and present data on physical flows of gaseous or particulate materials ("air emission"). They collect air emissions in the national economy according to the classification of economic activities in which these air emissions occur (production activities of business entities and activities of private households), as explained in the European System of National Accounts (ESA).


Air emissions are a physical flow of gaseous or particulate materials from economy (production or consumption processes) that pollute the atmosphere. Air emissions include emissions of greenhouse gases CO2, N2O, CH4, HFC, PFC and SF6 NF3 as well as emissions of air pollutants NOX, SOX, NH3, NMVOC, CO, PM2.5 and PM10.


CH4 methane
CO carbon monoxide
CO2 carbon dioxide
EU  European Union 
Gg gigagram (1 gigagram = 1 kilotonne)
HFC hydrofluorocarbon
Mg megagram (1 megagram = 1 tonne)
NH3  ammonia 
N2O nitrous oxide
NMVOC non-methane volatile organic compounds 
NOx  nitrogen oxides 
PFC perfluorocarbons 
PM2.5 particulate matter (less than or equal to a nominal 2.5 microns)
PM10 particulate matter (less than or equal to a nominal 10 microns)
SF6 NF3 sulphur hexafluoride and nitrogen trifluoride
SOx sulphur oxides
t tonne


0 value not zero but less than 0.5 of the unit of measure used


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Prepared by:
Darko Jukić, Gordana Lepčević, Željka Kovaček Čuklić and Bernarda Šimunić




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